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Welcome back. How are you? Are you ready for this season? Sweet summer time has finally arrived.  Theres a hustle. Theres a stillness. Theres a choice.  What happens in the coming months? What do you give yourself to?  What do you release yourself from?
The heat that fills the Room holds such valuable purpose, we wanted to remind you of why, even in the heat of summer, we still need the element of heat in our practice. At the Space we incorporate 2 types of heat into most of our classes, forced heat and Infrared. The forced HVAC system is just your standard furnace operating system, it heats the air around you. The Infrared panels heat your body from the inside out. This gives your body increased blood flow, allowing the body to release heavy metals and toxins. Practicing in the heat provides countless physical benefits such as softening collagen around the joints, strengthening the heart and cardiovascular systems, speeding up the breakdown of gluc…

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