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photo by Liv Monte
Remain - verb : stay in the place that one has been occupying.
"I was born in a big gray cloud Screaming out a love song All the broken chords and unnamed cries What a place to come from

I wish to remain nameless
And live without shame 'Cause what's in a name, Oh I still remain the same"

-Remain Nameless by Florence and the Machines ________________________________
As we enter our last month of summer, we are challenged to remain. To stay put. We tend to start planning for kiddos to go back to school, planning the "back-to-reality" schedule, more structure, less vacation, less sunshine, fewer late nights + slow mornings. We step into August and we put ourselves in a holding pattern of anticipation for the next season of life. 
Our challenge to you: how will you remain? How will you stay riding the wave, day by day, checking back into the present moment. This is the practice of showing up on your mat. We learn this when we are in the fire doing the wo…

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