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Connection / (noun) : causal or logical relation or sequence between individuals
with you, with them. to gather, to give, to receive.  a process.
There's something magical and electric when we can truly connect with those around us.

This month is all about connection for us. We want to get to know you and we want you to feel challenged to go outside of what YOU know about those around you. Making new connections with gratitude in your heart. Taking time to step outside of yourself and get to know someone new.

Connection is one of the biggest parts of the work we do at The Space. We believe that it is vital in the transformation of your body, heart and soul. Connection says "I feel you, I see you". Connection is uncharted ground of restoration. It takes intention and vulnerability.

In this season of harvest and Thanksgiving, lets step outside of what we know and into the abyss of what we have not learned. How will you begin to allow those around you to feel kn…

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