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MARCHING forward.

As we step in, we are faced with challenge and risk. But we create more space + ROOM to grow and to attract and become, and we are ready. We are Marching Forward.
                                                                                                  Photo by Eli Lindauer

FORWARD : (adverb)
: onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion.
We want to keep priming ourselves, keeping our hearts open, our arms wide, ready to receive what's next for us. Stepping into our power, our potential, just as we are capable and READY. 

So what does this look like? Workshops, getting ready for the Summer, potential new class offerings, maybe some new faces on our Team,our new entity : the Red Room and more. You’ll find all the info below.

Some of the logistics:
PRICING CHANGES : Part of us marching forward includes a slight increase in our pricing options. For our monthly unlimited if you join our tribe in the month of March you will receive the $100/month rate. AND you will …

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