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Year 2 | Rebirth

r e b i r t h
(noun) -
the process of being born again

It is much more than a building, much more than a yoga studio. As we embark on the second birthday of The Space we are all looking back from where we started, as we continue growing and moving forward. The essence of the space is a community built on acceptance of self, and release of all that no longer serves us. More than a workout or fitness class, this is movement as medicine. It was created for you to leave fiercely inspired and to feel alive in your body, fully embracing our bodies with love and devotion. We want to focus on self-care, versus working yourself into the ground or pushing yourself to injury. This is a place healing begins. This is where we let go of perfection and we embrace who we are today, in this moment, loving ourselves body and soul.
What is the Space to me? It is my home. Four years ago I walked into a yoga class taught by Kelli full of fear and anticipation. I had no idea my world wa…

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